Welcome to nealwilson sports I literally watch hours of sports This is how I do my research I also wager on my own games That I give to my clients. Any packages that does not show a Profit will be refunded no other Service that I'm aware of does This.I am monitored by Handicapper watchdog.com and Picks monitor.com and will Signing up for more Handicapping sports monitors In the future.you can also Follow me at Twitter https://Twitter.com/nealwil 089691121 It's March madness we got a mixture of plays get on board try us out only $5 a day or $30 a week or a $100 a month r also remember to always bet The same for every game I'm also Sports better and when I first Started out I would bet 4 Games the same and then bet Alot. More on one game I would Be losing I go 4-1 and still be Down.over the long run our Is to be 55-56 percent which If your playing everything the Same will be a good profit so Try to remember this I know People from other service will Do it differently than I do So if doesn't fit your style Than this is not the site for You

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